Top 10 Superhero Always Fighting Pairs


When they’re not fighting on the same side against some mega-powerful foe, Superman and Shazam have gotten into a number of scrapes over the years. Mind control is sometimes involved, but the brawl to end all brawls between these two powerhouses came in 1996, in the pages of Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come.

This seminal miniseries was set in the future of the DC universe (which has since been retconned as one of DC’s 52 alternate Earths), telling of a conflict between the older, altruistic superheroes that we know and love, and a group of newer, younger heroes who have none of their predecessors’ ethics. In a world with superpowers run amok, only an aging Superman can rally the heroes of yesteryear into bringing peace and order back to the planet.

At the end of Kingdom Come #3, Shazam arrives to fight an unsuspecting Superman, who’s in the middle of an enormous battle. Shazam, who’s still referred to as Captain Marvel here, has been brainwashed by Lex Luthor and nearly brings Superman to his end. Superman may be nearly indestructible, but aside from Kryptonite, he’s extremely vulnerable to magic.

Shazam uses this to his advantage, battering Superman with magic lightning again and again, until Superman turns the tables and gets through to Shazam’s alter ego, Billy Batson. Realizing the truth, Billy decides to sacrifice himself to save the world.