Top 10 Superhero Always Fighting Pairs


In all of comicdom, the relationship between Daredevil and Punisher is unique. While both men hold a grudging respect for the other, and on rare occasion might even help one another out, nearly every time they meet they come to blows — but not for reasons you’d expect. Ideologically, Frank Castle and Matt Murdock want exactly the same thing: to clean up streets and protect the innocent. It’s how they go about it that brings them into conflict.

As Frank is fond of reminding Matt at every opportunity, Daredevil is “just one bad day away” from becoming Punisher. And you could see it happening; it’s not like Daredevil has never been tempted to take a villain’s life. But Frank’s wrong.

Daredevil may be dark and brooding, but he still regards life as precious. And as for a “bad day” that could turn him more extreme, Matt has lost plenty of people he loved and cared about over the years, but he’s never lost himself. (Unless you count that whole Shadowland thing, but demon possession was involved so it really wasn’t his fault.)

Frank became Punisher after his loved ones were brutally murdered in cold blood. But a case could be made that the Punisher was always inside him, and he just needed a traumatic event to unleash his extremist side. In any event, amid their countless fights over the years, Daredevil usually wins thanks to his superior skills at boxing and martial arts.