Top 10 Superhero Always Fighting Pairs


The amount of love lost between Bruce Wayne and Guy Gardner is precisely zero. Batman is the no-nonsense brooder who’s notoriously all-business and completely lacks a sense of humor. Guy Gardner is the temperamental, hotheaded blowhard who thinks he’s God’s gift to superheroes. He actually mooned Batman once. Is it any wonder they can’t stand each other?

Their rivalry culminated in the sucker “One Punch” heard ’round the world. Back in the day, Guy was the Green Lantern serving with Justice League International, which was led by Batman. (You can already see where this is going, can’t you?) After one too many verbal feuds, most of which had Gardner asserting his belief that he could be a better leader, the Lantern announced his intention to fight Batman.

To which Batman answered by knocking him out cold with one punch. The Leaguers in attendance were shocked into silence, followed by snickering and giggling. Later, when Superman found out, he started to rebuke Batman for his action before he found he rather enjoyed the thought of Gardner being taken out with a single punch.

Thankfully, Gardner has matured significantly in the years since, though he still has anger issues. Batman has never given it much additional thought. And “One Punch” was so momentous a moment, it became a meme.