Top 10 Superhero Always Fighting Pairs


Who’s the strongest and toughest of them all? This question has been been put to the test many times, and in the Marvel world, it almost always comes down to a contest between the incredible Hulk and Ben Grimm, aka the Thing. One of them is a gamma-irradiated rage monster, the other a test pilot whose body turned to living rock after exposure to cosmic rays in outer space.

It seems as though Thing would be outmatched by Hulk’s strength and resilience, but from their first true mano-a-mano brawl in 1964’s Fantastic Four #25 to other rumbles throughout the years, Ben has proven a surprisingly tough opponent for the Jade Giant. Hulk’s temper is pretty much nonstop, but it doesn’t exactly take a lot to push Ben over the edge, either.

Hulk usually wins, but Ben gives as good as he gets. When these two titans rumble, they shake the earth.