Top 10 Superhero Always Fighting Pairs


While Captain America and Iron Man have been foundational members of the Avengers and friends for decades, occasionally they get into arguments, just like real-life friends do. The difference is that their verbal arguments tend to escalate into physical altercations remarkably fast.

Their first real fight came in the pages of Iron Man #228, in 1988, in the middle of the “Armor Wars” storyline. They later had a much larger fight, involving the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., and more, during the 2006 “Extremis” story arc of Iron Man. But their biggest, nastiest, winner-take-all fight came during the 2006 mega-event Civil War.

On opposing sides of the “superhero registration” issue, these two friends made it clear they didn’t want to fight one another, but circumstances bigger than themselves had forced them into this position. That said, they held nothing back, with Cap managing to sabotage Iron Man’s suit while tricking him with a friendly handshake, and Tony retaliating by nearly severing Steve’s jaw.

It took Steve a while to recover from that one while the war raged on, but their next fight ended very differently. As Cap stood in victory over Iron Man, he chose to surrender after seeing the damage their war had caused to Manhattan, and that he didn’t seem to be fighting for the people anymore. This doesn’t seem to be the cause of the big brawl in the live-action adaptation, however.