Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Also Jerks


As the most iconic superhero ever, Superman has cycled through a number of personality changes over the years, and we’ve caught glimpses of alternate universes where his personality isn’t quite as sunny as the one we know. Still, nothing quite compares to the Superman of the comic book Gold and Silver Age, whose blatant sociopathy pretty much makes him a separate character all by himself.

Not quite the boy scout that we know today, the Man of Steel instead devoted his time to making his friends’ lives a living hell, often forcing them into bizarre situations for his own amusement and wantonly destroying public property simply because no one could stop him.

One story has him impersonating Lois’ blackmailer, simply because he wants to know her dirty secret. There’s the beloved storyline with him adopting Jimmy Olsen, only to be such an awful, abusive father that Jimmy is forced to quit being his son, or when he launched Supergirl into space for revealing her identity…to Krypto the Superdog.

It wasn’t just his friends; Superman once declared war on all cars in Metropolis (even the completely innocent ones), demolished an entire neighborhood because it wasn’t up to his standards, used his heat vision to turn the moon into his personal message board and just generally ripped away the superpowers of anyone he didn’t think deserved them, him being the judge and arbiter of the whole universe.

And all of this without red kryptonite. Sort of makes Henry Cavill’s neck-snapping version look like the Easter Bunny in comparison.