Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Also Jerks


Now the poster child for shadowy justice and super-angst, Batman wasn’t always this way. As with most heroes, his persona has taken time to develop over the years, going from a slightly-dark but still cheerful hero to the brooding bat we all know today. Nowadays he’s known as Superman’s antithesis, a superhero every bit as effective, but doling out grouchy punishment from the darkness, both feared and respected (though probably more of the first thing).

Bruce Wayne might be a flouncy playboy, but his Batman persona makes it clear that all of this charm is exuded through gritted teeth, since the Dark Knight would much rather be spending his time leaping across rooftops and dangling perps by their ankles, his true calling.

Despite his characterization as the ultimate grump, Batman’s commitment to justice has made him a startling amount of friends, though that might just be because they’d rather have him on their side rather than the other way round.

Further examples of his jerk behavior include planning specific ways to eliminate the entire Justice League should they go rogue, repeatedly relying on torture and intimidation to achieve his goals and generally scowling a lot without any good reason. But it’s Batman, so people tend to give him a pass.