Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Also Jerks


Like many comic-book billionaire geniuses, Tony Stark can be kind of insufferable. He might have grown into more of a hero since his debut, but Stark will always be remembered as the future-obsessed entrepreneur with little tolerance for those who can’t keep up with his intellect. This is all apart from his raging alcoholism, which has caused him to shun his friends and angrily lash out on several occasions.

Still worse was his portrayal during the Civil War story-line, in which he was often characterized as an extremist willing to brutally apprehend and imprison anyone who didn’t see things his way, and his methods were almost completely devoid of heroism (though to be fair, this depended on the writer).

The MCU version of the character also plays up his level of snark and superiority, as well as just how irritating it can be to have to work with a “billionaire, playboy, genius philanthropist” who’s constantly trying to one-up you at every turn.