Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Also Jerks


Professor X began as a paragon of tolerance, a saintly mentor and the benevolent leader of a force for good. His pacifist methods were contrasted with the more extreme Magneto, though recent years have brought their personalities so much closer, they’re practically the same with very slightly different goals.

For one thing, Xavier hasn’t been shy about abusing his powers over the years, erasing memories and messing with brains on the sly while preaching the opposite to his students. When the Danger Room became sentient and desperately wanted to be free, the good Professor leapt into action by doing jack-all and letting it suffer for years, just so his students could become better at jumping over flamethrowers and avoiding wall spikes.

His many secrets begin to stack up, including a completely different team of X-Men who were all killed off (with Prof X erasing them from everyone’s memories) and the Xavier Protocols, with information on how to kill specific X-Men if they went rogue, or maybe just got on his nerves.

To top it all off, his ‘dark side’ has a habit of manifesting as a malignant and terrifying entity known as Onslaught. Most of our dark sides just have us getting snippy with the barista when they take too long, so this should give you an ideas as to exactly what’s going on in the mind of supposed-pacifist Charles Xavier.