Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Also Jerks


The greatest scientific question left for Reed Richards: what stretches further? His body or his ego?

Mr Fantastic is another long-running superhero who started off as a perfect example of leadership, family morals and all round goody-goodness before being retconned into a neglectful egomaniac. While still pretty fond of the idea of saving the world and doing good and so forth, recent years have focused more on that massive brain that seems to have squeezed out most of his scruples and concern for his family.

The Reed Richards of modern times has been shown getting just a little too excited about doing everything for the glory of science, while totally ignoring any moral implications. Civil War has him eagerly jumping on the bandwagon of superhuman registration, seemingly just because it lets him bit a big, fancy prison for wayward heroes that stretches into the negative zone, an act that put him squarely at odds with his own team.

There was also that little incident where he dragged his untrained family into space and got them mutated because ‘science’, the many, many instances where he’s taken it upon himself to smack his wife and son into submission and his general habit of solving problems with big laser cannons.