Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Also Jerks


Jaime Reyes is a perfectly nice guy. Unfortunately, this is tempered by the presence of an extraterrestrial scarab attached to his spine, which gives him an array of powers but also presents a constant mental battle as the two argue constantly. Being essentially a piece of alien technology built for invasion, the scarab has a violent personality, a hair-trigger temper and (according to what we hear of Jaime’s side of the conversation) an incredibly foul mouth.

This presented an interesting contrast, as Jaime Reyes tried to control the scarab’s more jerkish and bloodthirsty tendencies. Despite forming a strong bond, the two remain separate entities: one a boy from Earth who just wants to help people, and the other a dangerously volatile piece of alien technology with a strong desire to burn the faces of people it finds irritating.

The two have rubbed off on each other, but the scarab remains the most aggressive of the duo, fortunately with its blue language mostly confined to Jaime’s mind.