Top 5 anti-heroes in video games

3. Starwolf

Game(s): Starfox 2, Starfox 64, Starfox Assault, Starfox Command, SSB: Brawl

Furries (and scalies ?) can indeed be badass. Wether it’s his old-school aristocratic soundingself, or the more American persona from Starfox: Assault, you can see from Wolf O’Donnel’s speech alone that he is one bad motherfurry. His only constant wingmate Leon is far from your averege cartoon lizard. He is supposed to be a perverted sadist, and something about himbeing a lizard does make him come off really creepy.

The fact that he took on Falco during that firstbattle on the N64 makes him look even better. Despite the sheer badassery of the 2, they’re not really bad guys. They don’t want to take over the galaxy or anything like that. They’re mercenaries – they just follow the money, not unlike StarFox.