Top 5 Games Hurt by “Innovation”.

Innovation is definitely a word that has a lot of good associated with it. Unfortunately, innovation usually involves taking risks. Let’s look at some games where the risks could have paid off better.

LA Noire


It’s hard not to see what Rockstar was trying to do with LA Noire – wow the audience with awesome execution and an innovative movie-like approach to storytelling. This, however, meant that we got a beautifully-rendered city of Los Angeles with almost no incentive to explore and fully enjoy it.

It was nice to see a rockstar like Rockstar (pun intended) show appreciation for a cult franchise like Ace Attorney with the investigation segments, but Cole Phelps accusing a witness of commiting the whole crime when the player has doubts about something adding up, that’s a bit of a piss-off.

The worst thing is all it would taken to fix that would be adding a preview of what Cole would say for every particular dialogue option.