10 Video Games With The Most Shameless Microtransactions

assassin's creed unity microtransactions

Not only was Assassin’s Creed Unity full of bugs and technical issues on launch, it went hard with the microtransactions as well. Ubisoft released five different packs of microtransaction currency that you can buy with real money and then use on buying things that are already in the game if you don’t feel like saving up Francs and doing it the normal way.The defense for this was that the microtransactions don’t unlock anything that can’t be obtained with the main campaign and that the game was “tailored to not push the player to pay”.

But is that true?

The best sword available at the start of the game is the Cinquedeas. It holds a five diamond rating – the top equipment level. Normally the only way you can claim this is by saving up a whopping 125,000 francs – which would take an obscene amount of time to do.

Or, you can buy it with 1000 “Helix credits”.