Top Ten Actresses and Comic Book Villains look alikes

Many of the familiar faces of Hollywood can easily portray any kind of character that comes along, whether a sweet country girl or the spawn of satan, or anything in between.

Take Maryl Streep, for example. She is considered by many critics to be the greatest living actress, and personally, I would agree. She has played a cold-hearted b*tch, a nun, Julia Child, a witch, a rockstar, a feminist, a Jewish woman in Nazi Germany, a Danish baroness, and so much more. That is talent.

Similarly, many of the famous ladies on this list have a varied repertoire of characters they have played. But some of them, on the contrary, are always typecast as this or that kind of person. At the furthest end of the spectrum, a character can be good or evil, an angel or a devil, a hero or a villain. And some people are cut out to be one or the other based solely on their looks. Maybe you have a cute little face the aunties always want to pinch, or maybe you have a nose and a mole to rival a witch’s.

But the actresses on this list have neither. They are women who are capable of playing that country girl or that spawn simply because their beauty could be seen in two ways. There is no arguing that all 18 of them are stunningly attractive. But imagine for a moment Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman, or Angelina Jolie (who many have labeled the most beautiful woman in the entire world) as the evil Maleficent.

Both were great in those roles and while beautiful, they looked truly evil. But Charlize looked just as gorgeous as the director of an international aid agency in The Last Face. And Angelina Jolie was just as pretty as a grief-stricken mother in Changeling. Both women looked equally beautiful whether playing a good or bad person.

Beside the screen legends I just spoke of, there are plenty more who have this same quality, which I am sure is a blessing in that business. These 18 gorgeous actresses all have faces that would lend themselves to playing both a superhero and a supervillain. But today, we will focus on what is never focused on: how physical beauty can still be beauty, even if it is wicked. The faces of these 10 knockouts could just as easily be those of the 18 comic book villains they are pictured with.

10.Holland Roden/Poison Ivy

Actress Holland Roden is known for her beautiful red hair and piercing green eyes, which make her the perfect choice to portray the likes of Poison Ivy. But it is not just those things; see that little smirk on her ruby red lips? She has a devious look to her, one that lends itself to playing a villain. Her smooth skin and attractive features are all well and good, and in all likelihood, Holland could just as easily play the girl next door.

Some actresses, though, have the face for both good and evil. Her most successful role is playing mean girl turned superhero Lydia Martin on the MTV Network’s most successful scripted show, Teen Wolf, from 2011-2017. But I could totally see her in a comic book villain role. So far, the 30-year-old Texas gal has been in several prime-time shows and a few films, as well.