Top Ten of the Best Oppai Anime


Nope, I take it back. Eiken is way worse than Queen’s Blade (My Anime List has it at a 4.7/10), and it’s WAY more shameless.

I mean, okay. At its core it’s just a slice-of-life romantic comedy about a guy surrounded by busty women. But like, there’s busty, and then there’s… more than that.

This is a different level of busty. It’s stupidly over-the-top, like balloon animals with faces. Like, even if you love huge boobs. Like, even if you really love them, this might still be beyond your threshold.

You know what? Let’s get personal here. I’ve seen boobs before. Even touched some pretty big, pretty real ones. They’re great. And that isn’t how they work.

I stopped reading about the above girl when the wiki entry started with “Komoe is an 11 year old girl…” Nope. Done.

So that’s Eiken. A deserving contender – perhaps the champion – of this list of oppai-centric anime. It’s only a two episode OVA, but you’ve basically seen the entire thing with the two GIFs above. If you’re looking for 60 minutes of basically exactly that, it exists. Enjoy yourself.