Top Ten of the Best Oppai Anime

Trinity Seven

When I first started reading the Trinity Seven manga, it was because I had an affinity for the art style from the Akinari Nao’s previous series, Countrouble, which I recently put among my 10 favorite romance manga.

It’s a series about a magic high school, in which everybody has a certain set of powers based on the Seven Deadly Sins, and honestly, it’s a little hard to follow. I tried, really.

One of the coolest things about Trinity Seven is how cool male protagonist Arata Kasuga is, thrust into a situation where he’s surrounded by girls who come onto him to varying degrees.

He’s surprisingly… normal, actually. A little pervy, but not over the top. He’s clearly interested in the girls, he likes what he’s seeing, but he’s not constantly trying to peek panty shots or get gratuitous boob gropes. But when the situation works out that way, he’s just like, “oh, hey, awesome.”