Top Ten WTF Moments In Batman Comics

When you’re dealing with a character known as the Dark Knight, it’s a given that things will get a little grim.

When you’re dealing with a grown wealthy bachelor who adopts orphaned children so they can help him fight crime while wearing tights, it’s a given things will get a little weird. And when you’re dealing with nearly 80 years of caped detecting and crime crusading plotlines, it’s a given that things will get a little out there.

Yet despite all that, Batman and his Gotham City cohorts still manage to find themselves in an alarming number of embarrassing, inappropriate and awkward situations that can leave even the most die-hard of fans in need of a good, clean shower.

While there’s enough confusing creative decisions in the Batman franchise to fill an entire website, for the sake of brevity we’ll be sticking to some of the best (read: strangest) in his comics catalog. Sadly, this means there’ll be no mention of Batsuis, Batsuit Nipples or the time the World’s Greatest Detective turned to Scooby Doo for help. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of bigotry and Bat-boners to go around.

Here are the 10 Most WTF Moments In Batman Comics.


Renee Montoya, a member of the Gotham City Police Department, has the double distinction of being one of DC’s most prominent Latina and LGBT characters. In a storyline from Gotham Central, the latter gets the spotlight when Two-Face publicly outs her by revealing a photo of Montoya kissing her girlfriend, spinning her professional and personal life out of control.

Obviously, Renee’s only recourse should be to fall into the tender arms of a psychotic straight man — the only person who can make her “whole again.” As far as evil plans go, this one’s genius.

You get the feeling the writers somehow felt like they were tackling a tough social issue by using Two-Face as their medium. There is some value here, particularly with fan-favorite Montoya becoming all the more likable. However, maybe having a crazed madman with horrific scars on one side of his face shouting that he and a gay woman are one and the same is not the best way to go about breaking down social barriers.

Entitling the story “Half a Life” probably doesn’t help much either. Then again, putting Batman characters in awkward sexual situations is pretty much what the creatives at DC do best. Case in point…