Top Ten WTF Moments In Batman Comics


Welcome to the most bonkers Batman story ever told. But first, a little background. After Adam West did his best to make Batman the corniest fictional character in history, famed artist Neal Adams single-handedly turned the Dark Knight into the brooding masked vigilante we all know and love today. Adams eventually left DC to work on other projects, but in 2010, he returned to bring us Batman: Odyssey.

Having said all that, you would think this was a reason to celebrate. But it turns out while Neal Adams is an artist without rival, his writing is far less inspired. Every issue starts off with a naked and unsettlingly hairy Bruce Wayne incoherently blabbering about pretty much everything that has ever happened to him in no particular order.

This includes a history of trains, traveling to the center of the Earth, meeting the original Egyptian gods, meeting a neanderthal dressed as Batman, Batman barking, Batman napping, Batman riding dinosaurs, Batman fighting a telepathic cyclops and Batman saying odd things like, “such an octopus of a thing.”

There’s a lot (and we mean a lot) of exposition describing exactly what we see on the page from one disjointed story to the next, without any of them ever really finishing and always somehow ending up back on Nude Bruce, who keeps getting more and more uncomfortably close to the reader.

Overall, you get the feeling that Batman: Odyssey is Neal Adams’ Joycean attempt to create the Ulysses of Batman comics. Unfortunately, it comes off more as if you got trapped in a room with a drunk Christopher Walken pretending to be Batman.