Uncharted Games – From Worst To Best

2. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

I both love and loathe Uncharted 3. In its set-pieces, there is no game barring God of War 3 that comes even close. But in its narrative, it has dozens of plot-holes and outright weak scenes. But unlike Uncharted 4, it is without shame an Uncharted title.

It’s paced to perfection – although a little on the short side clocking in at around 7 hours -, it has amazing action sequences, and funnily enough its adherence to what came before in the structural design of its campaign is the polar opposite of the risks Uncharted 4 took, thereby leading the final Uncharted title away from the series’ tried and true formula.

I could write an entire essay about the problems in Uncharted 3’s story and the spineless scenes in the game (think of the final scene in Syria or the ending sequence involving Nathan Drake’s belt). But as said before, it is an Uncharted game through and through, and Katherine’s Marlowe question to Drake regarding his true identity sets up the grandest mystery in the franchise as to who the swashbuckling adventure really is.