Why Video Game Breasts Physics Can Go Wrong

Known as Mai Shiranui, that character is famed for having very, uh, lively breasts. Though Fatal Fury may not be a huge franchise nowadays, its legacy is very much alive: many top fighting games include a similar jiggle effect:

Street Fighter 4

Of course, fighting games aren’t the only games that have wrangled with breast physics over the years. When developers don’t include breast physics, it’s not uncommon for savvy players to take matters into their own hands via modding. A popular type of Skyrim mod adds most robust breast physics to the fantasy game.

In 2009, there was also a Second Life mod that allowed players to add breast physics to characters. It became so popular, the actual game ended up incorporating the same feature – and now players try to advise each other on how to fiddle with their characters to achieve the best effect.

Even Minecraft players have figured out ways to add breast physics to their game. Then again, Minecraft players have tried their hand at adding pretty much everything to their games, haven’t they?